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14th Dec 2021

Dogs Trust see 82% increase in people surrendering their dogs

Ellen Fitzpatrick

More dogs are being abandoned.

Dogs Trust Ireland has sent out a plea for people to remember that a dog is not just for Christmas as they have revealed that there has been an 82% increase in people surrendering their dogs.

The charity has given their latest figures, showing that they had 2,155 requests this year from dog owners asking for them to take in their pets for rehoming.

The most common reason most people said for giving up their dog was down to behavioural issues.

Dogs Trust are now reminding people that a dog is a commitment and there is a responsibility that comes with owning a dog, especially when getting one as a Christmas gift.

The charity has also shown concerns over where some dogs are being sourced, with puppy farming on the increase.

There has been a major demand for dogs since the beginning of the pandemic, with thousands of puppies being sold online for thousands.

Ciara Byrne, Head of Communications at Dogs Trust Ireland, said: “We are pleading with the public not to purchase puppies in the run up to Christmas. Sadly, this is the most lucrative time of year for puppy farmers, and we know genuine dog lovers don’t want to fuel this vile trade.

“It’s not just the puppy that you buy that’s affected, it’s the parents of the puppies that are left behind in often appalling conditions that suffer the most and that’s why we launched our End Puppy Farming campaign in November. We want to show that the public wants to see an end to the horrors these poor dogs endure daily, all in the name of profit.”

There are now over 1,000 abandoned dogs being cared for by the charity every year, and thousands they cannot take in.

Dogs Trust are urging the public to sponsor a dog rather than buying a puppy this year as it can save lives and give dogs a second chance at life.