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05th Mar 2018

Work in the emergency services? One small business owner wants to pamper you

'We really couldn't have gotten through the last few snow days without them.'
Do you work in the emergency services? You can avail of a serious offer right now

Our emergency service workers went above and beyond during Storm Emma to look after all of us.

From the fire, ambulance and army crews and carers who got out to help sick and injured people to the nurses, doctors and staff who slept on hospital floors overnight, we’re all very lucky to have these people to call on.

They don’t get nearly enough credit but one small business owner in Meath has organised a gesture to thank them.

Any member of the emergency services, carer or member of the Civil Defence or army can avail of  services at MakeUp Box beauty salon in Meath for half price this week.

Owner Jennifer Teehan wanted to thank those who worked through last week’s tough conditions.

“We really couldn’t have gotten through the last few snow days without them all,” she told us.

She and her family live in the parish of Moynalvey near Summerhill.

Sophie on her ‘Swanny’.


The storm hit hard in that part of the world, leaving the family snowed in and without running water for 24 hours.

They also ran low on food but Jennifer is only thinking of others and the work they did for their communities.

She has had her own experiences to make her grateful for the emergency services.

Her young daughter Sophie broke her leg in December and had her appendix out in January.

She’s in and out of Temple Street Children’s Hospital and has been wheelchair bound.

Despite her condition and the fact that the family were stuck at home, Sophie managed to get out and enjoy the snow on her inflatable toy ‘Swanny’.

“The ambulance and nursing staff in Temple Street are second to none!,” added Jennifer.

“I wanted to give back I know its only a tiny sentiment but hopefully it’ll cheer some up!”

Jennifer’s offer is running from now until Sunday 11 March.

To book, you can call Jennifer on 046-9558833 or message here on her Facebook page.