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09th Mar 2019

14 people are dead following a nightclub shooting in Mexico

Rebecca O'Keeffe

nightclub shooting

Devastating news today.

It is being reported that 14 people have been killed in a nightclub shooting in Salamanca, Mexico.

According to reports, an armed gang is responsible for the mass shooting inside a nightclub.

Reports say that a number of gunmen carrying assault rifles arrived in a convoy of trucks just after midnight.

They opened fire inside the club called La Playa before fleeing the scene, leaving aa number of fatalities in their wake.

Police officers and armed soldiers rushed to the scene of the nightclub shooting, but the criminals had gotten away.

A search for the killers has been launched.

Local authorities have not yet commented on a possible motive for these killings, or whether it was related to gangs.

However, earlier this week, the governor of the state in which Salamanca is located, celebrated the results of raids targeting the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel.

It is said the gang, which formed in 2017, is involved in a bitter feud with the Jalisco cartel.

There is also widespread attempts to capture the gang’s leaded, “El Marro.”

Our thoughts are with the families of the victims at this time.