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30th Dec 2015

WATCH – Two Lads Take The P*ss Out Of Alt-J, Hilarity Ensues

This is so spot on it's almost scary.

Ellen Tannam

Alt-J are one of the most successful indie bands of recent times and have seen their profile increase steadily in the last three years since their debut album An Awesome Wave hit shelves back in 2012.

They haven’t really come under much criticism, that is until now.

The guys over at Noisey  spotted this delightful video of two stoned guys, chewing on rice cakes and demonstrating the formula for making a typical Alt-J song.

The two lads seem pretty gleeful about the whole thing, even though they say at the beginning that they don’t mean any offence towards the band.

They are eerily good at this and are having an absolute ball lampooning the band’s signature looped vocals and Joe Newman’s rather nasal singing voice.

The band seem to have taken the video well, though, even changing their Twitter picture to a rice cake as a sort of tribute. What sound lads.



We have a sudden craving for rice cakes right now, we’ll be right back.

Lead Image via YouTube/FleeceMusic