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13th Oct 2020

WATCH: Hozier tips popular busker playing ‘Take Me To Church’ on Grafton Street

In a year like 2020, we needed something like this.

Depending on a variety of conditions – location, weather, size of the passing crowd etc. – busking can be a tough gig and those doing it appreciate any sort of gratitude that comes their way.

Imagine then, how Martin McDonnell must have felt in Dublin on Monday when one of the biggest stars of the Irish music scene in the last 10 years stopped by to drop off a tip while Martin was in the middle of playing one of his songs?

Martin, only 19 years old, is a regular on the busking scene in Dublin, was a recent participant in the Hot Press Lockdown Sessions and has even headlined a gig in Whelan’s, so it’s safe to say he knows his way around a tune.

And despite being in full flow during his version of ‘Take Me To Church’ on a sunny Grafton Street on Monday, he was prompted to stop to say thanks to the man otherwise known as Andrew Byrne after he dropped off a tip while passing by and barely breaking stride.

McDonnell, who sent on the video to JOE on Monday night, marked the occasion by uploading a version of him playing the song in its entirety on his Instagram account; fingers crossed Hozier will take him up on his offer to join him for a jam someday in the near future.