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15th Dec 2014

The X Factor Voting Stats Have Been Revealed… And You Might Get A Bit of A Shock!

Guess who was topping the poll for more than nine weeks?!

The voting stats for the X Factor have officially been revealed and despite all the hype around Fleur East over the last number of weeks, the figures show that Ben had actually topped the voting poll since week four.

The stats show that Ben has been top of the pile for a number of weeks, despite the fact that the bookies had Fleur East as the hot favourite, with one punter even betting a whopping £20,000 on her to win.

Over the final weekend, Ben took a massive 57.2 per cent of the vote, with Fleur taking 34.3 per cent and Andrea taking 8.5 per cent.

Here’s who secured the top spots down through the weeks:

Week 1 (Double Elimination): Andrea Faustini (19.2%), Lauren Platt (10.4%) and Paul Akister (10.0%) – overall winner Ben came in at fourth place in week one at 8.7%, while Fleur came in fifth on 6%.

Week 2 saw another double elimination with Andrea Faustini topping the poll for the second week in-a-row (14.5%), Lauren Platt (12.7%) with Paul in third on 9.9%. Meanwhile Ben came in fourth once more on 9.1%, with Fleur East  coming seventh (6%).


It was three-in-a-row for Andrea in week three, topping the voting with 14.4%, Lauren came second on 11.8% while Ben made the move into third position, netting 10.1% of the vote. Fleur followed in fifth.

In week four Ben zoomed to the top of the voting, knocking Andrea off the top spot with 12.2% of the vote – a lead he would not relinquish for the remainder of the competition. Andrea took second place with Stevie Ritchie taking third and Fleur still in sixth on 9.4%.

Week five saw Ben top again – only just though, as he pipped Andrea by 14.8% to 14% while Fleur moved up to fifth place, behind Lauren Platt and Stereo Kicks.

Fleur began to become a firm favourite with viewers by week 6, and with Ben topping the votes on 16.4%, Fleur was behind him on 14% with Lauren on 13.2% and Andrea slipping to fourth place on 12.7%.

Week 7 saw Ben continue to hold onto his lead with 19.4% of the vote, followed by Fleur on 16.1%, Lauren on 16% and Stereo Kicks on 15.3%. Meanwhile, Stevi Ritchie was eliminated with 14.7% of votes, Only the Young also waved goodbye with just 5.3% of the votes, while Andrea was safe for another day despite having 13.2% of votes.


Week 8 saw a revival for Andrea as he came in second place on 21% behind Ben’s 26.4% lead. Fleur came in third, minutely ahead of Lauren with 17.9% and 17.8% of votes respectively.

In the semi-final, Ben took a massive lead in the voting, getting a massive 36.5% of the votes, followed by Fleur on 24.3%. Meanwhile, Lauren was knocked out with 20.1% of the vote while Andrea, who actually came bottom of the voting on 19.1%, survived to sing another day.

Finally, in the first round of the final voting, Ben powered ahead on 45.1% in comparison to Fleur’s 32.7% and Andrea’s 22.2% which sent him home, while on the last night, Ben topped the poll decisively with a massive 57.2% of the vote to Fleur’s 34.3% to be crowned winner.

Video via YouTube/The X Factor UK