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21st Dec 2018

Stop everything because JoJo has re-recorded her first album

Jade Hayden



It’s only a few days til Christmas, and yet, a miracle has already occurred because JoJo has re-recorded and re-released her first album.

We know, we didn’t think we deserved such a beautiful divine gift either and yet here we are.

JoJo re-recorded her self titled debut recently and began dropping snippets of the songs onto Twitter yesterday with the caption ‘Love, JoJo.’

They included the iconic ‘Get Out (Leave)’, ‘Never Say Goodbye’, and ‘Baby It’s You’, as well as every bangin’ track off the singer’s second album too.

Honestly, spoiled for choice, like.

However, JoJo wasn’t just re-recording her songs out of the goodness of her heart.

Rather, she was doing so so fans could enjoy them after her label removed all of her previous work from streaming services following a long-enough court battle in 2014.

JoJo had sued her label, Blackground, in 2013 for “irreparable damage to her professional career” so they of course retaliated by removing her first two albums from Spotify and the likes.

A genuine tragedy for all involved.

That was, until, yesterday when she dropped JoJo back onto streaming sites – and yeah, the 2018 versions are as good as the originals.

What a gal.


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