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11th Sep 2019

Sinead O’Connor announces two more Irish dates to upcoming tour

Jade Hayden

Excellent news.

Sinead O’Connor has announced two additional Irish dates.

The ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ singer said on Twitter this week that two more extra gigs are going to be added to her upcoming tour next month.

“2 extra Irish dates to be announced sept 20 : ),” she said.

At the time of writing, the location of the additional dates has yet to be revealed.

O’Connor’s initial dates in Dublin’s Vicar Street, Galway’s Roisin Dubh, and Cork Opera House have already sold out.

She announced her comeback to music earlier this year, and appeared on The Late Late Show last Friday to give audiences a taste of what to expect from her upcoming tour.

O’Connor’s renditions of Princes’ ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ and Shane MacGowan’s ‘Rainy Night in Soho’ left viewers awestruck. 

The singer also discussed her recent reverting to Islam, explaining how the shift in faith came about.

“The word revert refers to the idea that if you were to study the Quran you would realise that you were a Muslim all your life and you just didn’t know it,” she said.

“I’m 52 and I grew up in a very different Ireland to the one that exists now. It was a very oppressed country, religiously speaking, and everybody was miserable. Nobody was getting any joy in God.

“Then when I read chapter two alone of the Quran I realised, oh my God, I’m home.”

Additional dates for O’Connor’s gigs are expected to be announced on September 20.