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12th Oct 2014

‘She Made My Life A Living Hell’ – X Factor Star Accused Of Bullying

A former classmate has spoken out against the singer.

X Factor star Stephanie Nala has been accused of being a cruel bully by her former classmates.

The singer is currently appearing in the live finals of the competition, performing Everything I Own on last night’s show.

The 20-year-old was seen on camera telling viewers that she had been bullied at school and lacked confidence but a former classmate has now spoken out to accuse Nala of being the bully, rather than the other way around.

According to The Sun On Sunday, Stephanie Shaw has claimed that Nala was a “horrible and spiteful” girl who tormented her for several years at their Hertfordshire school.

“She was the worst bully at our school. Steph made my life a living hell for four years. She’d say I was fat and threaten me. I went home crying again and again.”

“I was terrified. She was known for starting fights. It’s a disgusting lie. People need to know the truth.”

However, a source told the newspaper that the singer was “completely devastated by these claims as she was so often the victim of bullying at school, adding that “she’s putting all this behind her and focusing on singing, which is what she loves.”

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