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20th Nov 2020

R&B’s Melina Malone: “Girls are pitted against each other, we’re compared constantly”

Cassie Stokes

“A lot of girls are pitted against each other, we’re compared to each other constantly.”

When it comes to women in music, things are changing.

Irish women are getting more radio play, more listens, and finally, more recognition for their talents. Furthermore, they’re supporting each other all the way.

This week, we caught up with Irish R&B star, Melina Malone to chat about her new single, Realize, and the internal support she has witnessed in the industry.

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“A lot of girls are pitted against each other and we’re compared to each other constantly,” she tells Her.

“Because I’m an R&B singer I would be compared to every other female here in Ireland, it’s such a small pool. You don’t get that with men.”

Melina was part of RuthAnne Cunnningham’s Irish Women in Harmony group, who released their popular cover of The Cranberries’ Dreams over the summer. The R&B star found that most women she spoke with had also experienced being compared to others.

“We’re stronger together,” she says. “We’ve become each others’ cheerleaders. We’re all supporting everyone and what each of us does.”

“This song [Realize] is really special to me because it has a really powerful message for other women,” she says. “I hope that it gives people a bit of a lift.”

As for releasing new music during the pandemic, Melina says: “It was nice in a way to keep busy and have stuff to look forward to. I was devoid of inspiration for a long time.” During this second lockdown she tells us, “I’ve been feeling more inspired.”

“I think people will always find solace music and that’s something that’s been really keeping me going. Even if it means something to one person, that’s enough for me to put a song out and continue to release music.”

Melina’s new single, Realize, is out now on all streaming platforms.