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06th Dec 2022

Olly Murs “upset” by backlash to new song

He reiterated that the track is not about Amelia.

Olly Murs has responded to criticism of some of the lyrics in his new song I Hate You When You’re Drunk.

The song describes Murs’ frustration to being with a drunk partner on a night out, and many have branded it misogynistic. In it, he calls the song’s subject a “mess” and says they “act like a fool” when they drink too much, and the chorus reiterates his hatred of the subject when they’re drunk.

On Twitter, fans criticised the song, with some branding it “misogynistic” but Olly has said that he is disappointed the lyrics were interpreted that way.

On BBC Breakfast this morning, he said: “It’s obviously upsetting to think that people took it that way because it was not that intention. It was a song that I really related to in the studio.”

He also denied that the song was about his partner Amelia Tank, and said that he was more inspired by his own decision to stop drinking alcohol for a year.

“At the start of January, I had a New Year’s resolution I wouldn’t drink for a year,” Olly said. “So, I’ve been out with my friends, my family, (thinking) I hate you when you’re drunk.

“It was never about Amelia or anyone, it was just a song that we really related with at that time. So, for people to take it that way, I was really upset by it.”

He added: “I couldn’t believe people had taken it that way which is a shame because I think the song is really great.”

He did say that he understands the lyrics look worse when they are written down, but he reiterated that the song was not about Amelia.

“If there was anyone that I would thought would have got offended by it, it would probably be Amelia if she thought it was about her, but it actually wasn’t. We move on.”

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