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08th Apr 2015

Garth Brooks Wants To Return To Ireland… To “Make It Up” To Fans

Will there ever be an end to this saga?

And so it continues… Will there ever be an end to this saga?

Country and western singer Garth Brooks has said that he hopes to return to Ireland in order to try and make it up to the legions of Irish fans who were let down last summer after the plug was pulled on the five gigs.

Garth Brooks  at Pepsi Center

Speaking to Patrick Kielty this week for an interview with BBC’s Radio 2, Brooks stated that he hopes to make it up to his Irish fans by coming to the Emerald Isle at the end of his current world tour.

“We did talk about the Ireland thing,” Patrick Kielty told the Irish Daily Star.

“[Garth] said, ‘Well, it was one of those things, we couldn’t make it work’ and he was gutted and he wants to try and fit it back in the tour and all these things,” Kielty confirmed.

Garth Brooks  at Pepsi Center

The Friends in Low Places singer is currently on a US tour before hitting Europe.

Watch this space… the frenzy is sure to start very soon.