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14th Nov 2014

Garth Brooks Says He Mourned The Cancellation Of Croke Park Gigs Like ‘Loss Of Family’

He still hasn't let it go...

Garth Brooks has described his feelings following the cancellation of his Croke Park dates as similar to losing a member of his family.

The country singer addressed the controversial debacle during an interview with The Telegraph and although he didn’t go into the details surrounding the cancellation, he admitted that he is still mourning the loss of the five-date run.

“Hey man, I’m not trying to be dramatic, my wife would sit here and tell you, ‘I’ve never seen him ache like that for anything other than loss of family.’ I mourned that, and I still am, to tell the truth. Hurts like hell.”

Brooks is said to have “highly emotional” while discussing the stand-off between Aiken Promotions and Dublin City Council, saying that Ireland was one of few countries in Europe to really appreciate country music.

“It was always the place where you couldn’t start a song, two words and its gone, they’re taking over. That’s the way music should be. When you hear them singing your stuff in Croke Park, it’s like heaven.”

Brooks released album Man Against Machine this week and is currently touring in the US.