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11th Jul 2017

Gangnam Style is no longer the most viewed YouTube video ever

You'll never guess what by.

Orlaith Condon

We’ve all seen it.

Yes, when Gangnam Style was released in 2012, it was impossible to escape it.

And what seems even more impossible than the fact it’s been five whole years since its release, is the fact that it has held that top spot on YouTube’s most viewed videos since then.

With a total of 2.894 BILLION views, Psy’s video has had its time in the sun.

However, now it’s finally been eclipsed, but we were quite surprised to learn what by.

With 2.896 billion views, the video that caused us all to shed a tear, Charlie Puth’s See You Again, has now overtaken the dance hit’s 2012 entry.

However, Charlie will want to cling to that title while he can.

Released back in April 2015, Charlie has had some time to build his numbers, but hot on his tail is Luis Fonsi’s banger Despacito as it continues to clock up the views with 2.485 billion views since it was uploaded in January of this year.

You’d want to get sharing, Charlie.