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17th Mar 2022

Cardi B declared her love for My Chemical Romance – and now fans are begging for a collab

We’re not Okurrrrr.

Cardi B has declared her love for My Chemical Romance and naturally, fans are now demanding a collaboration.

In case you missed it, Cardi blew everyone’s minds when she took to Twitter earlier this week to confess she was a diehard fan of the emo band.

Sharing a clip from the band’s iconic music video for ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’, the rapper wrote: “They don’t make music like this anymore.”

My Chemical Romance’s official Twitter account responded with a gracious: “Grazie mille, Cardi!”

Meanwhile, the group’s bassist Frank Iero retweeted Cardi, adding some black (aka emo) love hearts.

Shortly after Cardi posted the tweet, fans absolutely lost it, and demanded she either collab with My Chemical Romance or start making emo music immediately.

“My Chemical Romance ft Cardi B,” one fan simply stated.

“Collab RIGHT NOW,” another said.

“Woahhhhhh Cardi B with the emo jams?” a third asked.

“OMG? Rockardi B is coming!” a fourth added.

Other fans of the artist were understandably shocked to learn she was a secret emo.

‘Is there a glitch in the matrix? If not @iamcardib has great taste in music,” one said.

“I thought that nothing could surprise me anymore but then Cardi b posted about my chemical romance so nvm,” another wrote.

One user suggested a mix between WAP and Welcome To The Black Parade, so, of course, somebody came through with a mash-up.

Could a collaboration between the two artists be on the cards? Probably not, but stranger things have happened right? We’re secretly hoping anyway.

In the meantime, My Chemical Romance’s long-awaited US and European reunion tour hits Dublin’s Royal Hospital Kilmainham this June.

The show was pushed back two years thanks to Covid, but sold out in minutes when it was originally announced, thanks to emos all over the country.