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04th Dec 2019

Billie Eilish’s debut album is Spotify’s most streamed new release of 2019

Jade Hayden

She’s 17, lads.


Anyway, Billie Eilish has safely secured the crown of having the most streamed new released of 2019.

The singer’s debut album (17, remember), WHEN WE ALL FALL ALSEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, has become Spotify’s most popular release of the past year, surpassing Ariana Grande’s thank u, next and Taylor Swift’s Lover. 

Eilish also nabbed the spot for second most streamed song with ‘bad guy’, as well as the second most streamed artist of the year over all.

Not bad.

Eilish dropped her weird, wonderful, and totally affecting debut album in March of this year.

Since then it has amassed over six billion listens on the platform, making her the first female artist to have her record top Spotify’s most-streamed album category.

The second most streamed album of 2019 came from Post Malone’s Hollywood Bleeding, with the man himself securing the top spot of most streamed artist of the year.

He garnered over 6.5 billion streams in 2019, followed by Eilish, and then by Ariana Grande whose ‘7 Rings’ safely made the top five streamed songs.

The most streamed song of the year was, unsurprisingly, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello’s ‘Senorita’, followed by Eilish’s ‘bad guy,’ Post Malone’s ‘Sunflower,’ Grande’s ‘7 Rings’, and then finally, the iconic track that is ‘Old Town Road.’

As for the entire decade, it was Drake who emerged on top as the most streamed artist of the last 10 years (in fairness, who among us was listening to Spotify back in 2010, but hey, we’ll give it to him).

He’s followed by Ariana Grande, who nabs the spot of most streamed female artist of the decade.

Fair play to all involved.

You can check out the full list of top streamed music and artists here.