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04th Jul 2019

Nobody asked, but here’s the Her team’s favourite Westlife songs of all time

westlife songs

Westlife have a lot of good songs.

Like, a lot.

Like, the second most number one singles ever achieved by one artist in Ireland a lot.

Here at Her, we’ve been racking our brains for the past day or so, desperately trying to figure out what in the name of God out favourite Westlife tracks ever are.

It took a long time, a lot of listening, and even more intense debating before we each eventually decided on our one and only track of choice.

And so, although nobody asked us, here are each of our all-time favourite Westlife songs.


‘If I Let You Go’ – Cathy

“This was a tough call because there’s a few that could feature. However, after much deliberation from my very fickle self, it has to be ‘If I Let You Go.’

“One of their first songs and a guilty pleasure tune if ever there was one. Special mention for Brian’s hair in the video.”

‘World Of Our Own’ – Leslie Ann 

“Westlife were the loves of my soppy, pop-loving teenage heart. I listened to their debut album non-stop while I was studying for my Leaving Cert, and have always had a soft spot for their version of ‘More Than Words’…

“Go on Shane, say that you love me. This was blown out of the water, however, when ‘World of Our Own’ came along. It’s the ultimate Westlife track, which I’ve belted out at everything from 21sts to weddings in the years since. And I wasn’t even always drunk.”

‘Flying Without Wings’ – Aine

“It’s obviously the best Westlife song of all time and I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise. Mammys, daddys, babies, everyone knows it, everyone loves it and there is nothing better than that chorus!

“Now, controversial second option – ‘Hey Whatever’ – their big comeback tune. It is summer. That is all.”

‘World Of Our Own’ – Denise 

“Catchy, good beat, enjoyable for walks when I pretend I’m THAT GIRL in the music video.”

‘I Have a Dream’ – Jade

“The ultimate Christmas song that isn’t inherently Christmassy, it’s got everything one could possibly need from an early noughties pop banger to make your day that bit more delightful.

“Also Kian and Nicky look like the exact same person in the music video.”

‘Uptown Girl’ – Olivia 

“I have a vivid memory of singing it at a family karaoke party when I was a kid and it’s something that my cousins will forever slag me over.

“But it’s a banger.”

‘When You’re Looking Like That’ – Anna 

“Always made sure to properly sing the ‘ohhhhhh’ after ‘I don’t want to get lost.’ Such a tune.”

You’re welcome.