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01st Jul 2014

1D Heading For Splitsville? Irish Band Confirm They’ve Penned Track For Harry Styles Solo Project

It is the news One Direction fans have been dreading...


It is the news One Direction fans have been dreading, with fears over the band’s future resurfacing following an interview with Irish band Kodaline.

Earlier in the year, the Swords four-piece hinted about a possible project with One Direction’s Harry Styles and during an interview with Digital Spy ahead of their set at Glastonbury on Saturday, the lads elaborated a little further.

Commenting on their writing session with Styles, frontman Steve Garrigan admitted that they penned a track and suggested the track may be used by Styles for a future solo project.

“It was really strange how they came about,” he said.

“He just turned up to a show, and he likes our music. We had a bit of free time and so we went to the studio and wrote a song. It was good fun”.

The lads confirmed they’ve worked with Styles during a writing session.

Drummer Vinny May told the site that “there are hundreds of songs flying around” for the new One Direction album.

Garrigan added: “It could be on his album if he does something, but I don’t know. Nothing is set in stone.”

We’ve lived through the Take That break up, all we want now is for someone to PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN…