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29th Jun 2016

This girl’s sunflower seed story shows how sisters can truly be the worst

Sisters are truly like nothing else...

Rebecca Keane

When you have siblings, life can be pretty damn unpredictable.

Whether it’s the joys of having a brother or a sisteryou still can never tell what’s really around the corner.

We go through birthdays, funerals, weddings, parties, communions and christenings together but some of the more cherished moments we remember as we get older are things like walking to school or going on a road trip.

The story of two sisters travelling together in a car has made many people smile and the situation they found themselves in was so ridiculous that it had to be captured on camera.


American teenager Mia Simper was sitting in the passenger seat, munching away with the window open – her snack of choice being sunflower seeds. Rather strangely, after chewing the seeds the teen spat the seeds out the open car window.

When the Semper family eventually arrived at their destination, Mia kindly opened the door for her little sister, but what she’d see would totally horrify her.


Mia opened the car door to her younger sister covered in chewed up sesame seeds. NICE.


The poor child!

According to BuzzfeedMia was surprised the photos went viral so quickly.

“I always post pictures and videos of my sister on Snapchat and stuff but to watch my post go viral like this was crazy, all of my friends reactions and comments were priceless.”

Twitter users were more than complimentary about the tweet, telling tales of how long they were laughing at the tweet for.



Moral of the story?

Close the window when having a snack my friends.

All images via Twitter