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04th Jun 2016

These two Irishwomen have put together a hilarious guide for tourists visiting the country

'Never refuse food'

Ellen Tannam

Ireland is a special little country, and the tour guides you buy in bookshops can often just focus on the beautiful scenery and food to enjoy when you’re a tourist on our little green island.

But, there’s a lot more to us than that. And it’s a lot weirder. We have our own set of etiquette and rules, and for a long time, it was hard to explain these to people popping over for a visit.

Well, enter Nuala and Noeleen, the alter egos of Rozlyn Sheridan (who runs a stage school in Newry) and Teresa McBride from South Armagh who is a performing arts lecturer in Southern Regional College in the county.

They’ve created a formidable comedy double act in the form of Nuala and Noeleen, and their Facebook page is full of delights, like this tourist guide:

Or, what happens when a heatwave hits our shores:

Rozlyn told us:

We were encouraged by our snap chat friends to do something together as we were getting such positive feedback from everyone. We have started to write our own comedy show and the dream would be to take it on tour. We have received messages from women all over who have had a giggle at our recent videos and we are so overwhelmed and grateful!

You’re gas, ladies!