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21st Apr 2017

Shopping bags are HOT for 2017. Here’s how to wear yours…

From aisle to catwalk - these are the new must-have accessories

Ciara Knight


Balenciaga have “designed” a new handbag that, spade a spade, is an IKEA shopping bag.

Rather than despair at what is deemed as fashion nowadays, we need to open our eyes to what’s happening. Fashion is evolving, taste is changing and we need to get on board to stay ahead of the curve.

What I’m learning from Balenciaga’s latest output is that shopping bags are the future of fashion. Give it a few months and everyone’s going to start catching on to this trend.

I’ve put together some same images of what we can expect to see on our catwalks over the coming months. Stay ahead of the curve, and most importantly, stay incredibly woke.

A Tesco bag for life can jazz up any outfit to give it an edgy look

Lidl’s largest bag is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite rig-out

Sainsbury’s have a fantastic selection of baggage, in an array of burnt orange colouring

Iceland aren’t to be overlooked – their bags are a firm favourite among fashion designers

M&S plastic bags scream elegance, affluence and sophistication. Get yours today!

Aldi freezer bags will melt even the sternest of fashionista’s hearts

Pair your Tesco plastic bag with block colours to avoid clashing, or contrast them with paler shades

The Co-op recently launched an edgy collection of plastic bags that Victoria Beckham is said to be a big fan of

Waitrose have a terrific selection of bags, both disposable and for life, and they’re an absolute steal starting from 5p

Morrisons bags are currently being sold on eBay from £2,999 – that’s how coveted they are