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09th Mar 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May’s bizarre ‘other-worldly’ laugh is freaking people out

What the f**k is this?


It was a big day in the Houses of Commons on Wednesday. PMQs were followed by Philip Hammond delivering his first full budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer since he took up the role last July.

But his statement on the fiscal plans and forecast for coming years was overshadowed somewhat by the bizarre behaviour of Prime Minister Theresa May.

During PMQs she was confronted by Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn about the alleged Surrey County Council ‘sweetheart deal’, which reportedly led to them dropping plans for a referendum on raising council tax.

The question elicited a manic chuckle from May that had many confused and not a little scared.

Corbyn asked: “The texts, Mr Speaker, said there was a memorandum of understanding. The Prime Minister said there was no deal. She now is unclear about this. Did she actually know what arrangement was made with Surrey County Council? She’s unkeen on answering questions on that.”

The Prime Minister’s reaction was an exaggerated laugh to the skies that confounded everyone.

Be afraid, be very afraid. We can only guess she was summoning up evil spirits, or had suddenly been possessed by Mumm-Ra the Ever-living…