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06th Jun 2019

In Japan, you can pay someone €8 an hour to listen to you complain

Rebecca O'Keeffe


How stunning?

In Ireland, we’re known for being a nation of complainers.

Whether we’re giving out about the weather, a neighbour or just the general state of the country – there’s always something to moan about.

And listen, it can get exhausting for those who have to listen to the bitching and moaning.

Well, there may be a way to solve the issue, if we take a leaf out of Japan’s book anyway.

In Japan a business exists that lets people rant to a complete stranger for just €8 an hour.

Don’t mind if we do.

Takanobu Nishimoto, a 50-year-old fashion consultant, started an online service called “Ossan Rental”  in Tokyo.


“Ossan” is a derogatory term for ‘uncles’ or middle aged men in Japan.

Nishimoto told The Straits Times that he set up the service to remove all the negative stereotypes of Japanese ‘uncles’.

He said:

“Initially, I thought that young men seeking advice would make up most of the clientele, but it was women from their twenties to fifties.”

The company goes beyond just getting paid to listen, they also help customers move furniture or play the role of a boyfriend to ward off stalkers.

All in all, a wild but hilarious service!