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11th Jul 2022

You can now swim in a pool full of red wine

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Nothing quite beats the feeling of sitting down after a long week with a glass of wine in hand and forgetting your problems.

While drinking a glass or two is amazing, one spa resort has taken this specific feeling of relaxation to a whole new level with a pool filled with the alcoholic beverage.

The Yunessun Spa Resort in Japan is a “spa theme park” that allows its customer the chance to wind down in a way we didn’t think existed anywhere but our dreams.

Rather than the regular hot tub we’re used to, these hot tubs are filled with Merlot or Bordeaux, yes you did read that right.

The resort is around 100km outside Tokyo and gives a unique wine-themed experience, but it’s not for no good reason.

The wine baths are said to have anti-ageing properties for the skin as, according to the creators, the resveratrol within the red wine can keep skin looking youthful.

The “vinotherapy” was first said to be done by Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt as part of her routine.

In this spa, however, you can not only bath in red wine, servers are also on hand to pour fresh glasses of wine from a 12-foot bottle because you’re not allowed to drink the wine you sit in, which is fair.

But this isn’t the only hot tub filled with an unusual liquid, there are also hot tubs filled with coffee, sake and green tea in the resort.

According to their website, the coffee hot spring bath is the first of its kind in Japan, with coarse coffee brewed at a low temperature from a hot spring which can “reduce fatigue and beautify skin.”

The green tea hot spring pool helps to improve circulation and improves the appearance of the skin whereas the Japanese Sake pool feeds a steady drip of the liquor from a huge barrel to fill the atmosphere with a “comforting aroma.”