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15th Nov 2016

Girl’s graduation shoot show the hilarious reality to getting the perfect photo

These are just too good

It is graduation season after all.

The last few weeks, all our Facebook feeds have been choc-a-bloc with photos of our beautiful, gleaming, happy friends perfectly coiffed and groomed going to their university graduation and finally getting their degrees.

If you’re still stuck in your undergraduate degree like me, it’s hard to see these photos and not WISH that it was your time to graduate already, to get your gorgeous dress on and smile for the cameras and finally get 100 likes on your profile picture. (THE DREAM.)


One woman who was looking very glam indeed was Elaina Vecchio, a student heading off to her graduation with her fella in the States.

Dressed in a gorgeous knee-length gold satin dress with strappy heels and a WHOPPER diamanté choker, Elaina looked absolutely unreal as she headed off with her very dapper beau to the ceremony.

Obviously, as the pair looked picture perfect, they posed for snaps outside Elaina’s gaff to remember the special occasion for years to come.

The cute couple smiled for photos outside the house (a pose many of us were guilty of doing at our Debs) and decided to change it up a bit.


After standing up for pictures, the pair decided to get their photo taken in front of the lake feature… And you can probably guess what happens next.



The good sport that Elaina is, rather than get upset about the mishap, she tweeted it with the caption “when taking pictures with your bae goes wrong”.

People on Twitter couldn’t stop laughing at the couple getting soaked in their best outfits.

After the tweet went massively viral, Elaina even took the time to tell everyone where she got her gorgeous dress. Now THIS GIRL is GOALS.