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29th Nov 2017

Dad mistakes charger for sex toy and it’s a rollercoaster from start to finish

It's safe to say he overreacted.

Ah, god.

If you’ve ever used or are currently in possession of a sex toy, fair play – they are fun and very useful devices.

If you’ve never used or never felt the need to be in possession of a sex toy, that’s alright too – your sexual conquests are yours and yours alone to decide.

One person who isn’t in possession of a sex toy (well, she might be, who knows?) is Twitter user, Emily. 

Her dad, however, convinced himself that she was and got himself into a bit of a tizzy when he found what he thought was a vibrator lying on her bed.

The device was, in fact, a portable charger.

Yep, there is it – a portable charger.

Useful for charging phones on the go and… no, that’s pretty much it actually.

Emily’s dad though, thought he had discovered a dildo and he was less than impressed.

All we can say is – wow.

For starters, this guy seems unjustifiably disgusted by what he thought he had found in his daughter’s room.

So what if she’s got a vibrator, it’s not the end of the world.

Emily clearly received similar messages from many people who saw her tweet, so she took it upon herself to explain that her dad only went off on one because she shares a room with her younger sister and her dad obviously didn’t want that younger child being subjected to any sex toys lying around.

Which, okay, yeah, makes a little more sense but still… there’s only one word to describe that reaction and it’s ‘intense.’

We just hope her dad’s lips don’t get more chapped anytime soon.

Who knows what he might think he’s found next time.

Images via Twitter.