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15th Nov 2016

Barney and friends – Where are they now?

My wedding vows will be ‘I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family’.

Barney was an integral part of many of our childhoods. As my Mam insists on reminding me roughly twice a week, I was unhappy about starting school because it meant I would miss watching Barney every day. Utterly livid with this revelation, I settled for a VHS compilation that I’d watch instead, until I discovered drinking roughly 12 years later.

I often wonder what happened to Barney, Baby Bop and BJ (lol) when filming ended. Had they other gigs lined up? Did they want to retreat from the limelight? Did any of them become involved with each other? Let’s find out.


Everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex took a step back from all things showbiz when his commitments with the series wrapped up. Despite numerous offers of a reality tv show and a reported six figure endorsement deal offered with Vape Town, Barney retreated to his hometown of New Hampshire.

Shop window with bags and shoes

After the success of his designs on the show, Barney pursued his love of crafting handbags. The range is now valued at over $2.3m, with famous clientele such as Salma Hayek, Thandie Newton and Bella from Fair City. Barney now resides in his country house with his partner Stephen and their dog Nancy.


Baby Bop

She’s certainly not a baby anymore, that’s for sure! BB was quick to shed her good girl image (and blankie) after the show finished, landing herself a role presenting Xposé on TV3. From there, as expected, her notoriety skyrocketed and she had offers coming from all continents persuading her to be the face of their brands.


Bop, as she’s now known, had a tough time getting work after it was revealed that she’d had multiple rounds of plastic surgery, after always insisting that she’d never touched it. It was the Triceratops’ noticeably pinned ears on the IFTAs red carpet in 2009 that gave it away. At the moment, she’s looking for work and would appreciate any offers.



The aptly named BJ has led a very colourful life since his days as a character on Barney. He made his way into the porn industry in search of a deeper meaning and purpose in life. The Protoceratops’ name certainly helped, as he’s BJ’d his way across America and beyond, even starring in and directing his very own feature length film.

A romantic setting for numerous special occasions... a bed covered in rose petals.

He’s said to have starred in over 700 adult films, available in 13 different languages. Baby Bop’s brother still stays in touch with her, as family was always very important to them. He’s also launched his own range of beet juice which has won international awards for flavour and high fibre content. Delicious!




Lead image via TV3