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21st Aug 2015

You Can Train Yourself To Have Multiple Orgasms Using These Three Tips

Ladies, everyone deserves to read on.


While we’re never going to knock having a single orgasm (obviously), if you can train yourself to build up to the magic multiples, who wouldn’t take the chance?

We all know friends who talk about their bedroom adventures, their impossible sexual experiences and the best they’ve ever had, but few admit when they might need to take some time to work on their personal performance.

The truth is, almost every woman has the potential to have multiple orgasms with or without a partner.

Now one sexologist has given her top three tips to help you come again, and again and again (you can thank us later).

Find your Happy Spot

No pun intended, but knowing what turns you on is the first step to getting yourself to your happy place.

Sexologist Carol Queen says women should take their sexual satisfaction into their own hands first, by buying a vibrator to find their preferences.

vibrator feat

After a few sessions of working out how it works best for you, Carol suggests going in for round two… after giving yourself 30-40 seconds resting time. As your clitoris should still be stimulated from your first round, you can build on the pressure.

And when you know your own rhythm, gently showing a partner what you like can help bring your multiplication maths to you and your other half.

Flex your Kegels Daily

Flexing your Kegel muscles has long been hailed as a top way to build up your orgasm techniques. Orgasms you experience are really intense contractions of your pelvic floor muscles, so by clenching and releasing these in repetitions of 15 for just five mins a day, you could be bringing a lot more satisfaction to your extra curricular activities.

Strengthening your muscles will help keep you tighter down south, while increased repetitions to the area will increase blood flow and help bring on your multiple orgasms.

Carol suggests setting a timer on your phone to incorporate it into your morning routine, or plan to take 5 minutes of your TV time to flex without the fuss.

Change It Up

It might sound obvious, but if you weren’t having multiple orgasms by having sex in your usual manner, take the hint to change things up a little.

Carol advises patients to prioritise their own pleasure and change the way they approach sex.

sex cover

Whether it’s playing around with a partner, investing in some sex toys or working to your own schedule, making sex a priority in your routine will help you concentrate on your goals.

The main thing to remember is variety is the spice of life, and if your old habits couldn’t get you over the finishing line on repeat, there’s nothing saying you can’t change the game (or positions).

H/T Carol Queen via Women’s Health/Men’s Health