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04th Oct 2017

Women are using TOOTHPASTE to test if they are pregnant

Are they crazy?

Olivia Hayes

This is extremely worrying.

We’re all for DIY and trying out home hacks but this has taken it a step too far.

Women are apparently using toothpaste to test if they’re pregnant, and doctors are becoming concerned.

Experts are debunking a YouTube video which shows how toothpaste can be an indicator for pregnancy.

In the video, it shows toothpaste being poured into a glass of urine, and apparently, if it turns “bluish and foamy,” it means you’re expecting.

However, Dr Alex Eskander told The Independent to not use the hack if you think we’re having a baby.

“There is no scientific basis for detecting pregnancy by mixing urine with toothpaste.

“Modern pregnancy tests will detect whether urine contains the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone.”

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He added that only pharmacy-bought, scientifically tested pregnancy tests can tell you the right answer.

“Some sensitive pregnancy tests can be positive as early as 12 days after fertilisation i.e. before the missed period. But if you think you are pregnant, ideally you should only test 3-5 days after the missed period with a proper approved CE marked test and not with toothpaste.”

We’d go with the doctor’s advice, tbh…