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14th Apr 2018

Woman’s reaction to her husband cheating on her goes viral and we are not surprised

Jade Hayden

Get it, girl.

There are probably few feelings in the world than hurt more than being cheated on.

Perhaps losing a limb or a pet or discovering that somebody ate the last of your grated cheese in the office are up there, but that’s it really.

It hurts, it makes you angry, but maybe most of all, it leaves you wondering what to do next.

Some people move on, forget the cheating in question happened, and get on with their lives.

Others forgive their partners, understanding that it may have just been a one-time thing, that they are sorry, and they trust that they will never do it again.

Others, however, others hop on Twitter and send a fire tweet about how they’re now 285 pounds lighter now that their “dead weight” has disappeared.

Well, that’s what 23-year-old Andrea did, anyway.

And fair f*cks to her too. Show no mercy, girl.

The now ex-wife of Rob, Andrea discovered her husband had cheated on her a few years back.

So naturally, on what would have been their third wedding anniversary, she decided to drag him on Twitter.

She wrote: “Instead of celebrating our wedding anniversary, I’m dropping 285 pounds of dead weight.”

She also included a photo of herself and Rob next to a photo of herself alone.

Stunning display.

Andrea’s tweet was shared a lot of times.

So many times, in fact, that Rob decided to contact her and tell her to take the tweet down.

Andrea, God bless her soul, shared it again, this time getting even more traction.

Get it, girl.

While some people might peg Andrea’s actions as petty, we would have to disagree.

After all, if a little tweet makes you feel better after being betrayed by the love of your life, surely it’s the least you’re entitled to.