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13th Jul 2023

I found my friend’s husband on a dating app- should I tell her?

One woman is feeling conflicted after her friend’s husband appeared on her dating app.

She explained that she was on Bumble when his profile popped up. At first, she thought it was a fake account, but now believes he is cheating on her friend.

As shocked as she is, the mum said she isn’t sure if she should tell her friend.

She explained on Mumsnet, “I saw my friend’s husband on Bumble on Friday night.”

“I made a video screenshot of the entire profile – verified and fully filled out.”

“I was at their wedding four years ago, she was fairly smug with how well their relationship had gone. Engaged after a short period of time, and married after 1 year. They met the week after she had a 6-year relationship ending and they did seem literally perfect for each other.”

The mum said she hasn’t heard any gossip about the pair’s relationship breaking down.

“Neither she or anyone else have intimated their relationship has broken down.”

She hasn’t told anyone about the dating profile yet, but she wants to.

However, the mum also feels like this isn’t any of her business.

Many users agreed that she should tell the woman about her husband’s profile.

One explained she was in a similar situation a few years ago.

“Tell her. I told a friend, she thanked me, chose to stay with him anyway and I haven’t heard from her since. But at least she knew and wasn’t being made a fool of, and could make her own decisions.”

“Tell her. I was told and in some ways, it was a relief, though terrible.”

Another added, “If I was her, I would want to be told. Especially as they don’t have children. Tell her quickly before she gets pregnant by the cheater.”

What would you do?