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13th Jan 2018

Wedding guests surprise Irish couple with musical outburst mid-ceremony

Basically the wedding scene from Love Actually IRL.
kiera knightly

We dare you not to cry at this.

It has to be one of the loveliest wedding scenes from a film of all time. If you didn’t grin at the screen like a maniac at the sudden musical outburst at the end of Keira Knightly’s wedding (well, Juliet and Peter’s wedding) in Love Actually, are you even OK?

The gesture, organised by best man Mark (Andrew Lincoln), did have a pretty sad subtext – Mark was in love with the bride – but that doesn’t keep the scene from being iconic.

An Irish couple got a similar surprise on their big day last autumn, thanks to their family and friends.

Bernie Gavin and Cian O’Leary married in Castletown Geoghegan in Westmeath in October.

During the ceremony, a number of guests broke into song and it was just lovely.

More joined in one by one as they serenaded Cian and Bernie with Abba classic The Way Old Friends Do.

They gradually made their way down the aisle and to the altar, where they sang Liverpool anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone for Cian, a big supporter of the club, to the delight of the couple and the rest of the guests.

They were accompanied by organist Feargus Kearney, reports the Independent.