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26th Apr 2016

‘Daddy will break his legs’ – Little Scottish girl argues with dad over having a BF

"You're goin't work for Jesus"

“You’re goin’t work for Jesus”

Dads are protective souls, they insist that they know what’s best for us yet sometimes their caring can be just too much.

Some dads just need to establish a limit – They cross the line so far, the line is a mere dot to them.

Twitter user John Tierney showed just how difficult arguments can be between fathers and daughters, with comic results.

While in the car with his daughter Grace, Tierney filmed the conflicting opinions he and Grace had over boyfriends.

Blantyre native Tierney, riles his small daughter Grace up by telling her that she is not allowed a boyfriend, and despite her protests, insists that she is going to “be a nun” and “work for Jesus”.

Many Twitter users reacted to the gas clip, many laughing and commending Tierney’s unusual method of parenting:



I have a sneaky feeling Grace may be a little bit of a handful in the future…