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03rd May 2016

WATCH: Baby girl rolls over in her mother’s stomach at 39 weeks

This video will either delight or horrify you...

Pregnancy is truly a beautiful thing.

It can be a long nine months waiting, your stomach getting bigger and bigger, going for constant health checks and being subjected to constant questioning from family and friends.

It’s a difficult routine, suffering many sleepless nights and feeling sick without many specific benefits. But every new mother will tell you it’s worth it all in the end.

By the third trimester of pregnancy, a mother is able to see her unborn baby moving around, kicking and tumbling about in the womb.

But in one expectant mother’s unusual case, she has captured an incredible video of her unborn baby girl rolling over at 39 weeks.

The outline of the baby’s hands, arms, legs and feet are seen in the woman’s stomach in the amazing clip.

The baby visibly wriggles around before it decides to roll over completely.

The exceptional footage shows the baby rolling over in it’s mother’s stomach, and the reaction of YouTube viewers has not been very positive.



Many horrified viewers have been comparing the footage to an ‘alien baby’, while others praised the couple for uploading the incredible video.

Definitely unusual to say the least.