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10th Feb 2018

There’s a sex toy inspired by The Shape of Water and it’s already sold out

Keeley Ryan


Even if The Shape of Water doesn’t win the Best Picture award at next month’s Oscars, it’s already been the inspiration for a different kind of statuette.

Only this one’s not quite the kind you’d keep on a shelf.

Etsy user XenoCat Artifacts is selling a sex toy inspired by the film’s Amphibian Man, otherwise known as ‘The Asset’…and it’s completely sold out.

The 100 per cent silicon dildo is pretty much a mockup of what the artist and co-owner Ere and her partner Inq believe the Amphibian Man’s penis – which was alluded to, but not scene on-screen – looks like.

She explained the inspiration behind the creation to Refinery29, where she said:

“I thought the movie itself was beautifully done and the fact that they embraced something as intimate as the pairing in the movie between a fictional creature/man like they did was wonderful.

“I had definitely expressed interest in offering something to compliment the film, whether it was a new sculpt or a toy coloration on a pre-existing model.”

The pair ended up adapting a previous model of theirs called The Prince.

The toy, called the Jewel of the Amazon, has been remodelled to have colours that match the amphibian’s striped markings and gill-like ribs to match the aquatic qualities of the big screen sea creature.

Inspired by the bioluminescence of the Fish Man, the item also glows in the back.

On the story that inspired the toy, Ere added:

“I believe that we are in a time where there’s a more open culture to acceptance of things different from us, and a natural curiosity to defer away from the Fifty Shades or Twilight sort of vibe that’s been thrown at us for a long time as far as romance films or films that embody fantasy love interests.

“[The Shape Of Water] decided to increase the fantasy vibe with the introduction of a very different and very intimate portrayal of the love interest.”

Ere told iO9 that the toy will be back in stock, in limited supply, just in time for the Oscars.