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29th Dec 2018

Sniffles the ‘noseless’ dog is looking for a forever home in the New Year

A Christmas miracle!

It’s common knowledge that a lot of dogs are abandoned over the Christmas period. It’s a sad truth, and some shelters even ban adoptions over the Christmas season in an effort to stop people from abandoning their pets after the holiday are over.

Unfortunately for Sniffles though, he seemed to be abandoned, or kept in poor conditions, well before Christmas began.

He got his name as he has facial abnormalities which means he doesn’t have a nose. Vets think his abnormalities come from the poor conditions he was living in and are not in any way genetic.

The vets in Chuluota, Orange County, in the US are looking for him to move into a forever home in the new year, but are afraid people won’t warm up to him because of his deformities.

However, they are insistent that he’s a lovely little pup that’s playful and kind.

“Everyone at the vet’s office has fallen in love with him,” vet Michelle Wacker told WESH-TV before adding that he has become the star of the vet’s office in recent days.

If only we could fly over to Orange County and bring Sniffles home on the plane we would!