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30th Jan 2024

Goodbye ghosting, hello slow dating & micro-flirting as 2024’s biggest dating trends are revealed

Sophie Collins


2024 is waving farewell to the ghosting trend as we welcome more accountability in the dating space

As we head into the second month of a new year, the air is still buzzing with resolutions. For many of our readers, that may mean diving back into the dating scene armed with fresh perspectives. 

A renowned relationship coach, Jonathan Hartley of PositivesDating, has revealed the top dating trends for 2024, bringing a wave of change focused on mental health, wellbeing, and embracing the new. 

So let’s dive in…

Putting Your Foot on the Break

Navigating the minefield that is modern dating can take a toll on a person’s mental health. 

In response, a survey by Bumble reveals a rising trend; 58% of users are becoming more self-aware and cautious. 

Enter the world of ‘slow dating,’ where 31% of surveyed users opt for a more deliberately slow pace.

They’re focusing on building emotional connections in a relaxed environment, which is a vital strategy to safeguard mental well-being in the dating world. 


Step out of your comfort zone with the concept of contra-dating. 

Hartley suggests challenging your usual preferences to avoid narrowing your dating pool. While physical attraction is natural, emphasising emotional connections, beliefs, and reciprocity can lead to more meaningful connections. 

Prepare to embrace a different outlook on life, relationships, and indulge in activities, foods, or hobbies you may have overlooked. 

Age is Just a Number

In 2024, it looks like we’re breaking the age barriers. 

Bumble reports a shift in users widening their age filters, with over 63% recognising that age isn’t a defining factor. 

Hartley is encouraging people to loosen the rules a little when it comes to age, and discover that what a partner offers transcends numerical boundaries. 

Celebrity couples like Blake Lively (36) and Ryan Reynolds (47) set the stage, proving that love knows no age. 


Enter the era of micro-flirting, a discreet but powerful form of connection allegedly on the rise in 2024. 

This nuanced approach involves noticing subtle details, shifts in body language, or protective gestures. 

Perfect for those who want to express interest without the fear of rejection, micro-flirting is the language of the heart that speaks volumes in its subtlety. 

Death to Ghosting

Finally, bid farewell to the ghosting phenomenon that haunted 2023. 

Recognised as a red flag and a sign of poor communication, Jonathan Hartley advises addressing ghosting maturely. 

Protect your feelings and sanity by avoiding further contact if you’re met with silence in the early stages of dating. 

Find solace in shared experiences through platforms like TikTok, where #Ghosted offers a community to navigate and overcome these dating challenges. 

Real Men Do Cry 

The winds of change are due to blow through masculinity in 2024.

Advocating for vulnerability as a means for healthier relationships, this change is inspired by pivotal changes in pop culture; men are being encouraged to shed toxic mentalities. 

Vulnerability is due to become a cornerstone, fostering trust and paving the way for stronger connections – whether they’re platonic or romantic. 

In the intricate dance of dating, experts say 2024 invites you to step onto the stage with renewed confidence, embracing the evolving landscape of love.