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07th Apr 2015

Seven Weird Ways To Help Improve Your Health

Not a fad diet in sight.

We all know that for the healthiest version of ourselves, we should be eating clean, sleeping for eight hours a night and regularly keeping those doctors and dentist appointments.

So what else can you do to boost your immune system and stay in tune?

To mark World Health Day, here are seven different ways to improve your immune system and health without a fad diet or long exercise plan in sight…

See the light…

And by light we mean trees and nature. According to Japanese research, the benefits of spending time in natural outdoor surroundings is linked to lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), slower heart rates, lower blood pressure and increased feelings of relaxation.


According to health experts in Natural Health Magazine, if you can’t make it to a forest, you can recreate the environment to reap the same health rewards:

“The next best thing would be to create a similar environment at home by keeping houseplants, listening to nature CDs and using high-quality, 100 percent pure essential oils like cedar, pine, fir or juniper with a diffuser.

“Houseplants are also good for our health because they help clean the air, filtering out harmful chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene.”

Cut the Commute

There’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic, waiting for your bus to come along, or sitting beside people who think a morning shower is a suggestion rather than the basic requirements. Author of Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way, Dan Buettner suggested that workers would be vastly happier in their daily lives if they could step away from the heavy traffic in commuter hours.

He even suggests it could have the same happiness knock-on effect as a $40,000 increase to their annual salary. Definitely worth a try anyway…

Sex = Happiness

If you needed another reason to keep your bedsheets warm, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for…

Sexual activity has replaced an apple as one of life’s natural daily ailments to better health. From reducing depression, anger, anxiety and stress, the chemical release into the body even helps boost your immune system.

7. Sex helps you to work up a sweat: Can’t get to the gym? Get to the bedroom instead. Spending some time getting jiggy can give you a great workout. According to fitness experts, having sex has the same effect on your blood flow as spending an hour doing a Zumba workout.

Don’t have a partner for some duvet downtime? Why not give yourself a helping hand. Experts suggest that masturbation has its own benefits including the prevention of cervical infections, relieving pain, and improving cardiovascular health.

Become A Water Baby

Exercising in water is a great way of getting a good workout without stressing your body. Whether it’s swimming, surfing or aerobics, water offers resistance, and so can help you to build your muscles and stamina without putting pressure on your joints.

Drop It Like It’s Hot…

Into your food. Eating chilli peppers is one of the best ways to stimulate blood circulation. Packed with capsaicin, adding some spice to your stews could reduces the risk of clots. Spicy peppers also contain antioxidants, which can help to prevent cell damage.

Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Drum…

Nobody needs you to be the next Dave Grohl, but playing the drums is one of the best ways to beat stress. According to the New York Times, drumming classes are the new way to release that pent-up pressure from the 9-5 job.

Psychotherapist Robert Friedman, who’s based in New York and an avid fan of the trend, explains:

“It allows us to reach internalized emotions that need to come out.”

Just maybe warn the neighbours first…

Tell the Truth

Did you know that the average person tells 11 fibs per week? While we might think a little white lie is the best way to save some feelings, it’s been proven to lead to headaches, sore throats and feeling sad and stressed out.

So next time someone asks you for your honest opinion… maybe bite into an apple instead?

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