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05th Jul 2017

This pool inflatable is the weirdest we’ve ever seen

It's more likely to absorb the water...

Jade Hayden

Pool inflatable

How did nobody notice?

Pool inflatables generally come in a few shapes and sizes – the blow-up ring, the lounger, and of course, the ever popular water lilo.

However, one company has gone a bit off-message with their design this summer. Instead of selling a pool inflatable in blue, purple, or even classic black, they decided to go for a white lilo, with criss-cross grooves and a hint of blue swirling throughout.

The product doesn’t sound too strange on paper… until you see it in the flesh and realise it’s basically a giant sanitary pad.

The resemblance is uncanny.

The photo of the inflatable was originally posted on Twitter by Jillian David, who remarked that the design could have been avoided if a focus group of women had gotten a look at it beforehand.

It wasn’t long before other users started weighing in on the lilo’s weird design. Some even suggested that the inflatable could be a massive help when they’re on their period.

Other users said they were happy some companies were brave enough to finally break the taboo around periods and menstrual related products, intentionally or not.


So what do you think – would you have a lie on it?