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11th Feb 2014

Oh Baby! Are You Responsible for Those Annoying Facebook Photos?

It seems those baby pictures are more popular than we thought


If you are a regular Facebook user, chances are that you’ve had a rant at some time in the not too distant past about how annoying all the pictures of babies that appear in your timeline are. This seemingly never-ending stream of infant images is usually attributed to overly enthusiastic parents, who are desperate to show off their cute/intelligent/hilarious offspring and never know when to step away from the upload button.

However, if you think that all your friends are rolling their eyes at this parade of parenthood, think again!

According to the Daily Mail, a study published this month in the Proceedings of CSCW has shown that mothers do not tend to post a large volume of baby photos on Facebook, with the majority of their posts being unrelated to their growing family.The study looked at the Facebook activity of 412 new mothers and found that mothers post most about their newborn right after he or she is born but that after the first month, posts about the baby were less and less frequent.

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This has led the author of the study to believe that, despite the backlash, the reason such photos may seem so obvious is that they generate a high number of likes and shares, resulting in a more prominent placement from the social network.

But if you’ve really reached your leanbh limit, check out, which promises to replace those pesky pictures with images of things you actually want to see. Better still, you can also set it to replace things like Breaking Bad spoilers or, um, Kim Kardashian.