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19th Feb 2016

Looks Like We’ll Be Able To Shop On Snapchat Soon


Ellen Tannam

Joanna Coles is the editor in chief of Cosmopolitan and also a member of the board of directors of Snapchat and she had some interesting things to say at a recent conference.

According to her, Snapchat and Hearst (who publish Cosmopolitan), have created a Snapchat channel called Sweet which will eventually become a platform we can all shop on, according to Re:Code.

Snapchat recently hired a former Paypal executive, which indicates strongly that the app wants to expand and become a platform for retail therapy, as well as everything else.

The Daily Dot pointed out that getting customers to trust Snapchat as a shopping destination might be a little tricky.

” …messaging is a quick, mindless task that requires only minimal effort. Shopping is a more thoughtful activity, and although flash sales might make sense through Snapchat, getting a large audience to not only trust their payment data to Snapchat, but also be willing to spend more time on the mobile app doing something other than talking to friends, might be difficult.”