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16th Jan 2017

Interested in photography? Harvard just uploaded their photography course online for free

This is a very good place to start

Your New Year’s Resolution might consist of taking up a new hobby or class.

Good intentions can be hard to follow through on though when everyone is broke after the holidays.

If your latest ambition is to learn the tricks of the photography trade though you’re in luck as Harvard have just shared a course online for nothing. As well as saving huge sums of money, you can also complete the course from your living room.

The course covers software, light, exposure, optics, histograms and colour. After 12 modules, you are required to upload an assignment and if you pass the assessment with more than 80%, you’ll be awarded a special printable diploma.

The only drawback is that the course was taught on campus in 2009 so while the techniques are all relevant, some of the software will have evolved. Still, it’s an excellent place to start and will certainly equip you with more than the basics.

The course is shared on Alison, a resource of free courses from all over the world. Take the course HERE.