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13th Apr 2016

HACK: This Beauty Tool Can Be Used To Make Popcorn

You won't believe it...

Rebecca Keane

Popcorn is hugely underrated.

It’s a healthy substitute for crisps and a cheap, little stomach filler for when you’ve got the munchies or a real craving for salt – popcorn is the ONE.

Even one step further than a nifty little packet of popcorn is the unadulterated luxury of homemade popcorn. It’s warm and delicious and you’re free to load as much as much butter or salt without the judgement of the till cashier in the cinema. Deadly buzz.

If you have no microwave or saucepan to make your own little batch of popcorn – fear not ladies. An alternative way to pop those pesky little kernels has been discovered, thanks to one genius Japanese Twitter user.

Popcorn game: off the charts.