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04th Aug 2023

Woman shares clever hack to avoid ‘sunbed wars’ at hotels abroad


TikTok content creator Laura Jayne Lowe is about to solve so many holiday hassles for us.

Many of us have experienced the stress and anxiety of going down to the pool at a busy hotel, knowing that you’ll be met with the challenge of finding a sunbed to park yourself on for the day.

It’s even more anxiety-inducing when you’re in a group and hope to lounge together.

In a video, Laura confessed that she failed to read the “in-depth reviews” of her hotel, and after she released that her upcoming holiday looked like the environment for an out-right sunbed war, her anxiety started to mount.

“The beds are all chained up until the guy comes and takes them out at 8.30am, and then it’s like everyone runs,” she explains.

“I don’t mean you have to go down there with like 10 minutes before the queue. I mean, people are apparently queueing from like half five, six in the morning or you do not get a sunbed.”

After saying it had the potential to ruin her holiday, she shared some clever advice for getting ahead of the issue.

“Call me crazy, but here’s what I’ve done,” she laughs as she pulls out a package for a portable sun lounger.

The inflatable sunbed weighs 2kg, according to the TikTok creator, who proceeds to show followers it neatly tucked away in her suitcase.

Laura then air pumps the sunbed on video, where viewers can see that it is no larger than a lilo, meaning it is easy to carry to the pool whether inflated or deflated. 

“Am I a genius, or am I an absolute idiot that just has really bad anxiety?” she asks.

We’re going to say genius.