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27th May 2019

Lidl is selling a giant bouncy castle with a water slide and sorry, we’re n’able

Jade Hayden

lidl bouncy castle


Summer is here.

Or rather, it’s just around the corner.

Or rather, it should be just around the corner but the weather is still intensely bleak and we really don’t know what the craic is but sure look, we’re not about to lose all hope.

It’s coming. Some day, guys. Soon.

And once that day comes, we are going to be out there, enjoying it, sun creamed up to death, and bouncing away on this glorious bouncy castle that also comes with a built-in water slide.

The dream.

lidl bouncy castle

The slide will be on sale in Lidl on Thursday, May 30 and it’s streets ahead of that other bouncy castle that they were selling a few weeks back.

That one was small. It was child-like. It was borderline embarrassing to have perched in your back garden.

This lad, however… This lad’s a unit.

Retailing at a cool €299.99, the Play and Splash XXL bouncy castle includes a water slide, a comically cartoonish shark’s head, some steps, and a pool.

The castle apparently inflates in just four minutes and can even be used by up to four children at a time. Lidl doesn’t specify how many adults can jump on board so you may have to test that one out for yourselves.*

*It’s probably none. Don’t injure yourself.