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17th Dec 2017

Gavin James helped a fan with this fantastic proposal to his girlfriend

The cutest proposal ever!

“What she say? Did she say yes?”

The Dublin native has been having a great time of it lately, what with the release of his latest single ‘Hearts On Fire’ most likely signalling the upcoming release of the follow-up to his 2016 hit album Bitter Pill.

However, just because he’s heading towards the stratosphere doesn’t mean he can’t take some time out to help a fan when they’re in need.

Gavin arrives on the video by singing a few bars from ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’, before leaving the room, informing Joan that Rob has a question to ask…

He then pops his head in every now and again, to check on how the proposal is doing.

Rob posted to let Gavin (and the rest of us) now that the proposal worked out fantastically, and Gavin – who appears to be touring in Norway right now, according to his latest series of tweets – took to Twitter to announce his own happiness for the newly engaged couple.

Let us echo Gavin’s congrats to Rob and Joan, and also throw in a massive high-five to Gavin himself for continuing to be a total legend.