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15th Oct 2018

This quick and easy BACON guacamole is all we want to eat this week

The perfect dip for any night in!

It’s nearly midweek.

OK, so it’s Monday but still, we fancy treating ourselves – and this bacon guacamole is the perfect snack. It’s light but feel indulgent and all you have to do is add your favourite side, whether it be some carrot sticks, pitta bread or a bag of Doritos.

It’s super quick, and perfect if you want something handy for a snack tonight:


  • 2 ripe, fresh large avocados – seeded and peeled
  • 60g chunky red salsa
  • 30g bacon – chopped up
  • ½ lime


  1. Place avocado in a bowl and using a fork, mash it until turns mushy. Stop mashing earlier if you prefer a chunky guacamole
  2. Take 30g of bacon and fry off in a pan.
  3. Juice the lime half, and add to the cooked bacon and salsa.
  4. Mix the bowl of guacamole and the second bowl of lime, cooked bacon and salsa.
  5. Mix well and serve.

*Tip – If you love spicy food, chop up some chillies and mix in with the salsa and bacon for a spicier guacamole treat