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18th Aug 2015

Follow A Strict Paleo Diet? This News Could Change Everything

Better start peeling some potatoes.

If you’ve been following a strict Paleo food plan in the hopes of attaining the healthiest diet for your training, we might have some bad (or possibly good) news for you.

While the Paleo diet follows the principal that we should eat as our ancestors did, the basis of the lifestyle choice sees followers chowing down on lots of animal protein and very few carbs.

Unfortunately for those fitness fanatics, the latest study published in the Quarterly Review of Biology has found that starch found in carbohydrates was a key nutrient for humans back in the day.


The research also indicates that thanks to the quick development of brains and evolution, humans actually needed to make sure they were taking in enough carbs to sufficiently serve the brain glucose and boost metabolism.

Speaking about the research, the team behind the latest turn in the Paleo following said:

“Eating meat may have kick-started the evolution of bigger brains, but cooked starchy foods together with more salivary amylase genes made us smarter still.”

So what’s the top advice to take from the news?

While we shouldn’t take it as free reign to start munching on sliced pans of bread, starch found in carbohydrates such as potatoes are actually key brain food we need to help increase our brain function.

H/T Cosmopolitan Health via Delish