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31st Mar 2016

Fast Food Workers Have Revealed What You Should Never Order When You’re Craving Junk


Ellen Tannam

I love junk food and will eat a six-pack of chicken nuggets in less than two minutes, so this story has been devastating to come across.

A Reddit thread has been garnering a lot of attention because the people participating in it are currently or were formerly fast food workers and have revealed inside secrets that will have you thinking twice about hoovering up an Extra Value meal to cap off a night out.

It’s not good news, guys.

User enantiodromia asked – Fast food workers, what should we never order from you?

They hate ‘Secret Menus’

“Anything off of the “Hidden Menu.” Most people working don’t know how to make it and you’ll probably just receive a giant glob of assorted ingredients on a bun.”

“Starbucks – there is no fucking secret menu. Just order off the damn menu and add your customizations. Please.”

Watch out for ingredients not used elsewhere on a menu when you’re ordering.

“If you see something on the menu and can’t find at least one or two other items that the ingredients could be used in, don’t order it. For example, my restaurant has a pulled pork sandwich. We don’t use the pork for anything else.”

“Since it’s not ordered too frequently, it’s not fresh and the product you’re eating might be days or weeks old. It’s not going to get you sick, but it definitely won’t be as fresh as the other things on the menu.”

Maybe avoid eggs after breakfast time.

“Anything egg related after breakfast ends. They keep a very small amount warm after breakfast and it tends to get old fast.”

Watch out for menu swap-outs

“Don’t order anything at around the time for menu switches, everything will be old as hell.”


“Recently left McDonald’s after a year’s work there, don’t buy nuggets or shakes.”

This is deeply upsetting.