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22nd Apr 2019

You can now attach your fella’s face to your sex toy and we are shook

This a real product that you can buy.

Jade Hayden


There are plenty of things that people want from their sex toys.

They want them to vibrate, they want them to be a fun array of colours, they want them to be safe, they want them to pleasure them.

The list goes on.

One thing, however, that we personally have never wanted from a sex toy is the ability to attach a wobbling head to the end of one.

And we certainly would never want this wobbling head to resemble our boyfriend, or girlfriend, or someone we knew and fancied from afar for ages.

Surely, nobody else would want that either.

That would be weird.

Well, apparently, some people do want that because there’s a company that are literally selling dildos with wobbling heads on the ends of them.

They’re called Wobbling Willies.

And yes, you did read that correctly.

A Wobbling Willy is essentially a silicone dildo with a polymer clay bobblehead attached to the end of it featuring the head of the person of your choice.

All you do is send the company a picture of somebody, they’ll create a caricature bobblehead that resembles that photo, and then they’ll stick in on the end of a dildo.

Simple… We guess.

Each ‘willy’ comes in a discreet faux suede pouch with an instruction leaflet.

They are all purple in colour, 19cm in length, and made with a silicone body and polymer clay bobblehead.

According to the company’s website, the Wobbling Willy was invented by a Swedish lad or gal (we’re not sure which, to be honest) back in 2015.

They guys over there are adamant too that the sex toys are absolutely ideal for gifts ideas for that special someone.

Well, at least that’s our secret Santa sorted anyway.

Wobbling Willies cost approximately €75 and (thankfully) they ship worldwide.

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